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Cui Lihua of our province was awarded the first prize of the Golden Bridge Award for Scientific and technological services to agriculture, rural areas and farmers


In order to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi's speech at the Central Rural Work Conference on comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating the strategic deployment of building a strong agricultural country, and to accelerate the transfer and transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, to promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, the China Technology Market Association launched the Golden Bridge Award for Scientific and technological services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers.


On December 9, the China Agricultural high-quality Development Forum and the 4th China Technology Market Association Golden Bridge Awards for Agricultural Science and technology services were 2023 in Beijing. Shandong Wudi people, Shandong Green Wind Agricultural Group Co. , Ltd. . Chairman Cui Lihua researcher was awarded the first prize of the Sannong Golden Bridge Award


The Golden Bridge Award, which is registered with the State Science and Technology Prizes Office, is the only national award in the field of technology markets and has been described by Xinhua as a “Supplementary Award for State Science and Technology Prizes”. The Sannong Golden Bridge Award is a sub-award of the China Technology Market Association. It is judged every two years and focuses on the significant economic, social and ecological benefits of the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements, projects, groups and individuals that have made important contributions to the promotion of high-quality and efficient agricultural development. The current Sannong Golden Bridge individual awards were selected a total of 18 first prize, Second Prize 24, third prize 48.


Cui Lihua, male, born in July 1976, CPC member, Bachelor's degree, agricultural technology promotion researcher, special industry researcher of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, delegate of the zero th National People's Congress of Shandong province, model worker of Shandong province; Vice President of cotton branch of China Seed Association, Vice President of Prataculture branch of China Animal Husbandry Association. Cui Lihua has been devoting himself to the development and utilization of forage for more than 20 years, actively exploring the new techniques of good seed and good method, agricultural machinery and agronomic integration, and has successively planted alfalfa in the huang-huai river basin for more than 100,000 mu, he helped the herdsmen in xigatse, Tibet, to build more than 500 mu of high-yield alfalfa demonstration plot without compensation, and published 12 related papers in core journals. In the field of modern farming system, we should push forward two cropping patterns, such as“Double cropping of cotton” and“Rotation of grass and beans”, to realize the high-efficient land use pattern of crops from single cropping to double cropping, from one cropping to two cropping, it has opened up a new way for farmers to increase income and become rich, and for the development and utilization of national saline-alkali land.

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