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The 2023 meeting of Wudi Muhe Agricultural Machinery Association members and the academic salon of Bohai Sea for revitalizing the countryside with the help of two crops of cotton and grass was successfully held  


To study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) , give full play to the efficacy of “Popularizing science in Huinong District and supporting agriculture through science and technology”, further stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises, and help create a model for revitalizing the countryside in Qilu, according to the arrangement of the provincial and municipal science and technology associations, the Wudi County Association for Science and Technology and Shandong Lufeng Agricultural Group Co. , Ltd. jointly held a 2023 Bohai Sea Academic Salon.


The 2023 Co-operative Committee of the Wudi Muhe Agricultural Machinery Service Co-operative Association will be held simultaneously.


On the afternoon of December 6, the delegates arrived at the assembly hall of Shandong Green Wind Agriculture Group Co. , Ltd. to carry out relevant activities on time. Yang Xiangli, deputy secretary of the CPC General Branch and researcher Jia Chunlin of the Institute of Leisure Agriculture, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and other agricultural engineering of the discussion, zhang Congjing, Secretary of the party group and chairman of the Wudi County Kong Association for Science and Technology; Wang Jianyong, vice-secretary of the Haifeng Street Party Work Committee of Wudi County; Wang Jianyong, chairman of the Association for Science and Technology;.


Salon activities in a harmonious, warm atmosphere in the grand opening


The delegates took a group photo as a souvenir

  绿风公司负责人、农业技术推广研究员崔立华就饲草、棉花的建植、管理、茬口衔接及效益分析等做了详尽的分享 崔立华说,当前饲草产业的生产经营模式逐步呈现多元化发展,棉草两熟就属于其中的一种创新。在中轻度盐碱地上,冬前种上饲用小黑麦,来年春天割了黑麦再种上棉花。这样就把冬闲田、春闲田充分利用起来,打破原来棉花一年只种一茬的传统耕作模式,如此逐年往复循环,既提升了地力,又增加了效益。

Cui Lihua, head of the Green Wind Company and a researcher on agricultural technology promotion, gave a detailed talk on forage grass, cotton planting, management, stubble connection and benefit analysis, Cui said, at present, the production and management mode of forage grass industry gradually presents diversified development, and the double cropping of cotton and grass is one of the innovations. In the mild saline-alkali soil, wheat and rye were planted before winter, and then cotton was planted after Rye was cut in the spring. In this way, the winter fallow fields, spring fallow fields to make full use of, breaking the original cotton a year only one crop of the traditional farming model, so year after year cycle, both to enhance the soil fertility and increase the benefits.


Lumian532 is a new cotton variety bred by the Cotton Research Center of Shandong Province and Lufeng Company. Its growth period is 105 days, and it is 8.9% higher than zhongmiansuo 50 in lint yield, 30.8 mm in average length of the upper half of the fiber, and 31.7 CN/Tex in breaking strength, a Macroom of 4.7 and a spinning evenness index of 154. In the field of double cropping cotton, this variety, Lumian 532, is a good choice for both yield and quality.


Where Is Chang'an? Under the hooves of horses. At present, the cotton-feed double cropping system is gradually moving towards technical maturity, but there is still a long way to go, and there are still many difficulties to be overcome, technology, variety, market, promotion and other issues need to be further optimized and improved. But we firmly believe that as long as the struggle on the road, the future is at the foot. In recent times, the provincial Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with animal husbandry, science and technology, and other departments, has actively implemented General Secretary XI's great instruction to“Give agriculture wings of science and technology”, and has made concerted efforts and taken multiple measures to actively tackle key problems in science and technology, carefully study and plan the development of cotton, grass work. We should strengthen the training of relevant professional personnel on a large scale and many times, and constantly refine the management and innovation ability of the technical personnel of grass-raising industry in practice, so as to enable the village to revitalize Qilu model and develop in high quality. We are willing to take up the cotton grass production technology promotion of the Golden Pole, with a high attitude of struggle charge in the harvest of the fields.


Cui Lihua, head of Green Wind Company and promotion researcher, shared the experience of“Double cropping of cotton and grass”

牧禾联合社理事长许树立做年度工作报告 报告里提到,联合社创新种植模式,国内首创“盐碱地棉草两熟全程机械化栽培技术”,实现促农增收。为充分提高土地利用率,增加收入,联合社积极推广棉草两熟栽培模式,推广种植面积达8000余亩,亩增收600元以上,提高了土地利用率,实现增收增效双赢。2023年5月19日,在牧草种植基地上隆重召开了牧场日-全国盐碱地优质牧草产业大会暨智慧农场日-牧草数字水肥一体化现场会,参加高峰论坛的院士、专家对创新和推广的“棉草两熟”模式给予了充分肯定。高峰论坛研讨会议上,院士、专家学者们通过认真的交流和讨论,一致认为联合社积极推广基地+企业+合作社+农户棉草两熟发展模式,大力推动了草畜一体发展,形成了良性循环带动效应,棉草两熟模式属国际先进种植技术,填补了国内空白,增效显著。

Hui Shu-li, chairman of Muhe Union, makes an annual work report   The report mentioned that the union's innovative planting model, the first domestic“Saline-alkali land cotton and grass two full mechanized cultivation technology,” to achieve agricultural income. In order to improve the land use rate and increase income, the Associated Press actively promoted the cultivation pattern of double cropping of cotton and grass, and extended the planting area to more than 8,000 mu, increasing the income by more than 600 yuan per mu, thus increasing the land use rate, achieve a win-win situation of increasing income and efficiency. On May 19,2023 day was held at the grass planting base. It was the national meeting of the high quality grass industry on saline-alkali land and Smart Farm Day, participating in the forum academicians, experts on the innovation and promotion of the“Double cotton” model has given full recognition. At the summit seminar, Academicians, experts and scholars, through serious exchanges and discussions, agreed that the Associated Press is actively promoting the development model of the base + Enterprise + Cooperative + Farmer household double cropping of cotton and grass, the double cropping pattern of cotton and grass is an international advanced planting technology, which fills the gap in China and increases the benefit significantly.


All the members of the association work hand in hand and unite in good faith, actively organize and cooperate to carry out the training of new agricultural mechanization technologies, and improve the technical quality of farmers. Insisting on enhancing agricultural efficiency and increasing farmers' income as the core, and focusing on improving the quality of agricultural machinery personnel, training agricultural machinery personnel and scientific and technological personnel to meet the requirements of coordinating urban and rural development and promoting the rapid development of the Mechanised agriculture sector, to upgrade the overall quality of Mechanised agriculture talents and technical and practical talents, organize 10 training sessions for farmers in science and technology, train more than 3,000 people, and distribute more than 3,000 copies of materials; The training was carried out in conjunction with the field observation meeting of“National conference on high-quality forage industry in saline-alkali land”, and the number of the trainees reached 260, which promoted the popularization of the cultivation techniques of double cropping cotton and mechanical picking cotton, promoting agriculture and increasing income.


With the joint efforts of all the members, the Union has played an important role in the development of local agricultural mechanization, in promoting the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, in increasing farmers' income and making them rich, and in promoting the revitalization of rural areas.


Xu Shuli gave a report on the 2023 work of Wudi Muhe Agricultural Machinery Service Professional Cooperative Association

杨向黎做“黄河三角洲草棉轮作机械化种植模式的推广与示范”学术报告 针对不同黑麦、小黑麦、短季棉等品种表现进行了认真的分析。试验数据表明,饲用小黑麦后种植短季棉的做法是中肯的、科学的,认为鲁棉532、K836等品种,生育期短、品质优、抗性好、适合轻简化管理,是适宜黄河流域棉区饲草后直播短季棉的突破性品种,棉草两熟制的做法为当今棉花产业的发展带来了新的动力和展望。

Yang xiangli to do“Yellow River delta cotton rotation mechanization planting model promotion and demonstration” academic report   The performance of different varieties of rye, triticale and short-season cotton was analyzed. The experimental data showed that it was pertinent and scientific to plant short-season cotton after feeding triticale, and it was considered that varieties such as Lumian 532 and K836 had short growth period, good quality, good resistance and suitable for light and simplified management, it is a breakthrough cotton variety suitable for direct seeding of short-season cotton after forage in the Yellow River basin.


Yang Xiangli to do cotton two ripe academic report

张从敬为沙龙活动做了深度全面的总结 张从敬讲到,引领不同领域的创新发展是每名科技工作者的职责。科协是科技工作者的娘家,我们要时时刻刻为科技工作者做好服务,为创新驱动发展做好服务,为提高全民科学素质做好服务。刚才我们给大家发了两本书,提高全民素质的书,这是最近刚购置的科协教育出版社出版的最新版,希望大家回去以后一定要好好的读。“科协沙龙”是市科协搭建联系服务科技工作者的窗口和阵地,开辟打造的服务科技工作者交流、碰撞思想、建言献策线下交流平台。我们今天的沙龙活动靓点纷呈,第一个我们这次活动绿风准备的精心,准备的现场非常符合我们沙龙宗旨,活跃学术思想,启迪创新思维,促进产学研结合和社会事业发展。第二个亮点就是我们参加的人员规格非常高,农业工程学院的杨向黎院长、山东省农科院的贾春林书记、朱振林博士等,以及县里的农业界、畜牧界、供销口的非常有名的专家以及牧禾联合社成员单位的会员来参加,还有沾化兄弟合作社前来交流,可以说你们这些会员就是我们乡村振兴路上的领头雁。第三个亮点是沙龙内容非常丰富、专家课件信息量非常大,可操作性强,能够把我们在牧草、棉花、葡萄的种植以及畜牧的生产知识融合起来,非常符合我们农村的实际。本次沙龙活动是圆满的、成功的。今后,科协将充分利用好这个平台,提供优质的全方位服务,举办不同主题的“科协沙龙”系列活动,进一步加强与广大科技工作者的联系服务, 希望各位在工作中生活中有什么技术难题,及时和我们科协沟通,我们科协将全心全意的为大家做好服务,同时希望大家对我们科协的工作提出宝贵的意见。

Zhang Congjing has made the depth comprehensive summary for the salon activity       Zhang said it is the responsibility of every scientist and technologist to lead the development of innovation in different fields. The association is the parent family of science and technology workers. We The Hours to serve science and technology workers, to serve innovation-driven development, and to improve the scientific quality of the people. Just now we have sent you two books to improve the quality of the whole people. This is the latest edition published by the Education Press of the Association of Science and Technology, which was recently purchased. I hope you will read them well when you go back. “The Salon of the Association for Science and Technology” is the window and position of the Association for Science and Technology Workers. Our salon activities today are full of beautiful spots. The first of our activities is well-prepared by the green wind. The site of the preparation is very in line with our salon's purpose to stimulate academic thinking and inspire innovative thinking, we will promote the combination of production, teaching and research and the development of social undertakings. The second highlight is that we have a very high standard of personnel. President Yang Xiangli of the Agricultural Engineering College, Secretary Jia Chunlin of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Dr Zhu Zhenlin, etc. , as well as very well-known experts from the county's agricultural sector, animal husbandry sector, supply and marketing outlets, and members of the livestock and grain federation, as well as the Zhanhua brothers cooperative, came to exchange ideas, we can say that you members are the leading Wild Geese on our rural revitalization road.The third highlight is that the salon is very rich in content, and the expert courseware is very informative and Operability. It can integrate our knowledge of grass, cotton, grape growing and livestock production, very much in line with our rural reality. The salon event was a success. In the future, the association will make full use of this platform to provide all-round services of high quality, hold a series of activities with different themes, and further strengthen the contact services with the vast number of scientific and technological workers, i hope that you have any technical problems in your work and life, and timely communication with our association, our association will wholeheartedly serve you, and I hope that you will give us valuable advice on the work of our association.


The event ended with enthusiastic applause.


Association community, win-win future; cotton two ripe, the future can be expected!





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